Our philosophy


1/ The Montessori


Developed by Maria Montessori, one of the first female doctors in Italy, Montessori pedagogy is an alternative education method based on self-confidence, autonomy, experimentation and gentle learning. Its objectives : to promote the awakening of our senses, an openness to the world and the development of children all while respecting their rhythm of learning and their personal interests. 

What does the Montessori method consist of during our ski lessons : A pedagogy that adapts to each participant at their own pace, personality, desires, age group and development plan. The goal of this method is to make students autonomous and actors in their learning. Learning through playing, no comparison between team members, use of each person’s strengths to develop the group, advice based on personalities…

We work in partnership with Montessori Sports and the AMI.


2/ Small group


The Mountain Ski Academy is proud to be unlike any other ski school. With us, we do not offer group lessons for 8, 9 or 10 people… our groups contain a maximum of 4 riders at any one time ! This allows us to create a qualitative and individualized teaching approach in a friendly learning environment. In addition, our class schedules are offset from other schools. This means that you will have less time queuing and more time on the slopes. Above all, at TMSA you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience with maximum learning and riding time during your next stay in Val d’Isère, Tignes or any of the surrounding areas !

3/ The booking


We could let you book a lesson via an automatic booking form without asking you anything, without talking to you, or without figuring out your level of riding, desires and expectations. It would be easier but completely untrue to who we are as a different style of ski school. We will get in touch with you prior to confirmation of a ski or snowboard course in order to ensure that your requests are met and that you will be able to look forward to an exceptional learning and riding experience.


4/ A premium service

for your children

Are you are taking care of your kids by offering them snowboard or ski lessons with TMSA? We take care of you by picking them up right at the doorstep of your hotel, chalet or apartment accommodation so that you can enjoy your stay even more!

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